Flash DVR


Oil : Oil Pipelines, Gas Pipelines, Oil tank reservoir area, Oil wells and facilities
Electricity : Substations, Transformers, High-voltage tower, Wire Poles, High voltage lines, Power Plants
Railway : Roadbed, Track, Bridges
Telecom : Cable, Telephone Lines, Telephone Booths, Poles, Transmitter station
Public Security : Patrol Police, Traffic Police, Sentry, Prison Guards
Army : Border, Sentry, Ammunition Depots, Munitions Depot Grain
Storage : Fire and Water resist, Pest, Temperature and Humidity control
Forestry : Forest fire prevention, Forest Police Patrol, Animal and Plant Protection, Anti-hunting
Patrol Mining : Coal mines, Well facilities of Coal Yard
Post : E-mail, Warehouse
Schools : Campuses, Teaching Building, Dormitory, Laboratory Building, Library