Portable Electronic Sensors

The Control PES system offers a simple and clevery solution to record movement of persons or objects. It can be used anywhere, where time and place of the movement must be controlled and documented.

Inspection activities, revision controls. E.g Environmantal inspections, Fire & Safety inspections, Lift inspections, Bus inspections and many others.. another area where the PES system proves its abilities
Guard-Tour Control – the main and the most famous use. The PES system represent an ideal soluotion for this sector specially due to the unique ANTI-VANDAL Technology.
The PES Sensors represent universal monitoring devices, which prove to be great tools also in other areas such as : Educational System, Militery Services, Distribution of Goods, Container transport Monitering, Returnable – packing monitoring etc. Your own applications – the PES Sensors can be used in a variety of other, individuals systems. We are able to provide you the DLL Library for your use and our programmers are ready to adjust the system to your individuals needs