ID Card Solution


Travel volumes are skyrocketing. So is the sophistication of security threats. Protect your borders and your citizens by issuing highly secure credentials — and giving border agents and field officers the technology they need to make better decisions.


Governments are working hard to accomplish three key objectives in programs ranging from entitlement and healthcare to licensing, voting and taxation. They’re trying to minimize delivery costs, elevate citizen satisfaction levels and fight fraud.


Protecting citizens and safeguarding borders is a priority for every country. A key to this is trusted identity. This includes issuing secure e-passports, national IDs, driver’s licenses and other physical or mobile credentials that are highly resistant to fraud, forgery and alteration.


Once government agencies issue secure citizen credentials — e-passports, national IDs, driver’s licenses and other forms of identification — lifecycle management becomes a critical challenge. When it’s time for re-issuance, updating, enhancement or revocation, it’s essential to know the current status and historical use of the credential. In the case of a mobile-derived credential, it’s also important to know which operating system and what kind of digital certificates are being used.


The new world of work — with more devices, more data and more mobile workers — presents new identity challenges to organizations of all sizes. Your employee and visitor ID needs can vary, depending on factors ranging from the number of people in your facilities to the physical and digital assets you want to protect. Your identity solution should be flexible enough to accommodate your exact needs.


Your organization faces an urgent identity challenge. You need to authenticate the identities of users and devices for secure access to networks, applications and buildings. But passwords are too vulnerable, with compromised credentials as the primary cause of serious and costly breaches. Traditional two-factor authentication has an excessively high total cost of ownership — and it frustrates users. The proliferation of applications, mobile workers and bring your own device environments is accelerating the problem. So, what is the answer?


Managing credentials for employees, visitors, contractors and other authorized users is rapidly becoming more complex — and more critical.  One of the leading causes of serious breaches is compromised credentials. The additional complexity of mobile workforces, bring your own device environments and shadow IT adds even more dimension to the challenges you face. The key to success — and enterprise security — is finding a credential management solution that’s flexible enough to accommodate the new world of work and secure enough to protect what’s important to you.